Will Algoriddim work fully with the FLX4 and a Windows11 laptop?

Dear all, I was for 25 years a Vinyl DJ and would like to play again in small clubs, street festivals, house parties. Now hesitating between mainly Reloop Ready and FLX4) + laptop and Windows11, I wrote to Pioneer “(…) I like the Algoriddim DJ interface a lot. Will that software work fully on the FLX4?”. Their answer: “It works with Algoriddim DJ only with an Android phone.” Sounds strange. Is that right? I was searching desperately hours and hours for that and more genereal info. Hope to find some answers here.

Another question: if Algoriddim works correctly with the FLX4, does it too for the 400 (that I can find cheaper)?

Another question: is there a markable difference in quality of the sound(card) between Reloop Ready and PioneerFlx4?

Many many thanks in advance for replies.
Kind regards, Pat - Belgium

Hi @Patrice, both the FLX4 and Ready are natively supported by djay on Windows. Please see the full list of natively supported hardware below:

The DDJ-FLX4 and 400 are officially supported in Windows, macOS and iOS. Only the FLX4 is supported in Android.

There is a small difference in sound quality - but it’s so small it’s not something an audience/crowd will ever notice. I’ve used the Ready and MIXTOUR controllers with external mixers, and I never notice the difference during a gig.

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Thank you very much Michael.

Ah! Now I uderstand. It sounded so strange otherwise. Many thanks.

I read above that the 400 is also fully supported by Algoriddim. As I am not into scratching or special effects I am looking for a way to mix musice just as I did hundreds times with Vinyl, basically inspired by the soul, the vibe, the groove of the numbers more than by a special transition, or extra sound jingles (I used to play for maaaany gigs and let everybody dance until the sun rise on soul, funk, latin, 60’s, glamrock, acidjazz, punk, ska, afro,etc…). At the one side I am getting hypnotised by some of the possibilities of actual controllers like voice separation etc., synchro, AND by the compactness of the Reloops, etc.
At the other side why spend money for a buttons that I don’t really need (altough I was surprised with the demo of a DJ playing/scratching with ‘Oye Como va’ - Santana, on youtube I think).

When I discoverd the Algoriddim on the smartphone I felt from my chair because of the turntable look and the comfort for choosing numbers. The Algorddim for controllers now seem to have changed that look?). I would be happy to find this basic format with a basic controller but … how basic to go and still stay tuned with the newest software, a good sound, etc. Pioneer 400? Numark, Hercules?..

And finally, concerning the absence of the midst frequenties on the Reloop Buddy / Ready: once connected on a good extrenal mixer and amplifier, is it then possible to regulate the midst frequencies with the mixer control buttons and still have a decent sound as they allready passed through the soundcard of he controller)?

Many questions… But I have been reading blogs and articles and info for too many hours-days-weeks. Some say this, other say that… I would like to spend my days now with the mixing instead of reading about the technical side of it ;).

Many thanks in advance!
Kind regards, Pat

Flx4 I use it on Ipad and Macbook and Android, it works perfectly, the Hercules Inpulse 500 seems like a more complete option, it just won’t work on Android.

Muchos Gracias Reinaldo!

Merci beaucoup, Slak_Jaw. The fact is that sometimes people write things in blogs and so that are confusing.

You’re welcome @Patrice

Dear Michael,

I might have deleted accidentally uour last post but I did read it an thank you very much for the extra tip. I go definitely for the FLX4. Have a nice day,


Dear all,

I begin to doubt about the sound quality of a controller as thé flx4 or other ones of this category once it is connected to an amplifier for filling a bigger room than the kitchen or cellar or living as somebody writes that thé sound of thé Buddy is horrible then. I contacted Pioneer but they can’t really guarantee as it is an entry level model. So shall I expect that this kind of entry level controller is ment tot be used in thé hole or maximal in thé small garden party?

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