Will be there a Soundcloud share?

I haved made a mix with the djay


Will be there a Soundcloud upload in the future?

Why not? It’s easy to implement. Lots of iOS music apps have it (see: Fruity Loops).

Hi Chris,

We currently have no plans for this.

I agree, this would be a cool feature but then again it is also just as easy to record your mix and put it to Soundcloud easily.

Definitely need to be able to load from Soundcloud. Don’t care about posting to it, just accessing the embedded files.


We’re excited to introduce a major update, free to existing djay users.

You can now access SoundCloud’s massive music catalog to discover and mix millions of tracks.

djay’s integration with TIDAL offers HiFi sound, millions of tracks, and MUSIC VIDEO streaming.

djay now also supports Ableton Link across Mac and iOS which allows you to seamlessly sync djay running on different devices.


Lukas E.