Will DJay Pro for Mac EVER be fixed?

Can we stop creating NEW products before fixing the current ones?

Some of us make a living using your software and it when it’s broke and you don’t fix it and then you spend time on a NEW product, well… it’s makes us very upset.

So, fix the waveform bugs, fix the autoplay bugs, add re-scannning of tracks and all the other ones I reported through the beta system.

Tell me that you won’t have an update until early 2016 is NOT good! I paid for the software and I should expect a certain level of professionalism in getting updates.

It’s time to clean up your name in the dj community and start being there for your customers and fixing problems PROMPTLY!

Me too, however, the fact that they completely abandoned the forums for over a month and had NO support makes me question this company’s commitment to producing a quality product.

They released a new product (that was faulty out of the box) with the new Djay Pro for iPad before they ever fixed the bugs and problems in Djay Pro for Mac.

Again, there are NO priorities for this company. As part of the beta team, I kept asking when the next beta will be out… their reply, next year!

The only reason they came back to the forums is because I lit them up on facebook and asked why they haven’t supported their products in over a month. Then, two days later, they show back up.


Your using Spotify? Your not a pro dj then.

If you use Spotify at a gig, you are NOT a professional dj.

If you use Spotify at a gig, you are not a professional dj.

A few reasons, that means you don’t care enough to own your OWN music. You rely on an internet connection that may or may not be there for your music. Spotify is NOT licensed for commercial music play, therefore, you are not running your business legally. And, you have no clue if a version of a track on Spotify is a clean or dirty version. So, if you are a wedding dj, this could be disastrous.

Also, professionals never spout off what they make in a year. EVER. Being professional is about getting paid, having insurance, buying their music legally, paying taxes… and so much more.

That’s my opinion and care less what you think. All I care about is software that I paid for, working properly. And it doesn’t.

Sure do, for cocktail hour and dinner music. Isn’t that what it’s there for?

Spotify is NOT licensed for commercial use. PERIOD!

“Noncommercial, personal use only: If you run a shop or cafe, and are playing Spotify for your customers, that’s considered a commercial use and isn’t permitted. And if you play Spotify in a school, that’s also not personal use.”


DJ Re… IGNORE ME and my posts! I can spout off all I want here, just like you can.

I have tried to be helpful but when the software company does NOTHING to support the users, I refuse to help.

So, you not only make 100k a year but you also worked at a record label??? What, are you 12 and feel the need to show off for everyone? No one believes ANYONE who tries to brag on user forum anyone.


You ARE bragging and every one knows it. No one believes you but you are bragging.

You think I am 5 or 6? Great… Again, you should REALLY ignore me or don’t respond to me.

I have thin skin? How long have you been here RE? I have been here for YEARS waiting for them to fix this software and do you know what they do, they fix a little bit of it, then they disappear. Then they release a new product for iPad, then they disappear… so yes, I am jacked. I invested good money in this company TWICE and get NOTHING in return. SO, yes, I am a bit thin skinned with this company and this useless forum.

Just look at how many people need help and how many replies come from this company… I used to help out and guess what… it got me and the users nowhere!

Try getting support… Just try and then you will feel like I do.

Go brag somewhere else about your 100k salary. People that REALLY make that much never say they do. That’s the truth and no one that was a record executive for 20 years wastes their time on user forums.

And, going to heaven has nothing to do with what you say on user forums. You should know that. LOLOLOL…


If you only knew… I just don’t try to brag. There is a big difference.

Jason, dj’ing in your bedroom does not count.

If you are not having problems, you do not do what the rest of so with the software.

Again, if you use Spotify to dj with, you are not professional. Jason, not sure what you don’t understand but REAL dj’s OWN their own music. They don’t rely on these services.

First of all, go back to school and learn to write properly. You write like you are in 5th grade. You get paid $50 to $150 to dj and event? Is that to supplement your income at the gas station?

As far as my mixing skills, I could care less what YOU think or assume. I only care what my clients think. So, you can write these posts all you want. I do this for a living and have performed professionally for 27 years. I don’t dj for free… EVER. That doesn’t pay my mortgage or my kids college tuition.

And guess what, I can complain all I want about this product. I own it and I have the right to say that the program needs work and the support sucks.

I am sure that the company will sponsor you because you are just SO intelligent and such a great dj. Good luck with that!

So, stop pointing me out in posts because you only make yourself look unprofessional.

Jason, you haven’t a clue! What do you do when Spotify goes away? Where will you get your music from then? Be a professional and OWN your own music!

You dj with a Wego? That explains everything. I will now ignore all of your posts.

Oh my Jason… grow up. We get it, your the best dj in the world because you make $150 a gig and get tips.

Fact is, if you use Spotify while earning that money, you are breaking the TOS of Spotify and DJay Pro is letting you. No one cares why you “stand out”. We honestly could care less. We just want the software to work properly.

Jason, go back to school. Get an education. Using cheap gear and charging $150 for a gig is what is ruining this industry.

If you would read my posts, you would realize what I, and many others, have said that is wrong with the software. It has nothing to do with hardware support and everything to do with small bugs that make playing live a concern. It’s not just me complaining. MANY dj’s are. We have a right to.

You don’t want to carry heavy bags, you don’t want to own and pay for your music, you don’t want to charge a professional rate… all this means is that you are not professional. Even Magic Mike, who I don’t get along with, has pro gear and charges a pro rate.

So again, step away and get an education. You will thank me late.

Who is Magic Mike? You see, you can’t even get names right. Go back to school!