Will djay pro for Mac work with an Arcam airdac

Can I send Djay Pro for Mac to my Arcam airdac. I want the music to play through my home theatre system.
I can do this with iTunes, but I am thinking of buying Djay Pro for Mac, for this purpose

Hi David Sands,

thank you for your post. Is the Arcam airdac working just like AppleTV, does it need a supplemental application?

Lukas E.

Hi David,

thank you for the follow up. Is the AirPlay sign being displayed if you turn AirPlay on?

Lukas E. 


Thank you David for the follow up.

I forwarded this issue to our development section and we will think about how to reproduce the explained issue.

We will let you know about updates regarding the Arcam airdac integration.

Lukas E.

The Arcam airdac shows up in iTunes, listed below my apple tv. So I have a choice of my Apple iMac speakers, Apple TV or the Airdac to export music.
It is part of my home network, and doesn’t have any special software, the iMac, iPad and iPhone all pick it up.
Rather than bluetooth streaming, the Airdac basically upscales MP3 music from the device that is connected to it and then inputs it into my Onkyo Dolby Atmos amplifier.
I don’t seem to be able to find it in Djay Pro, as an option to send it to this external device, like it does in iTunes.
I hope this make sense.

I can find the airdac in the iPad version of djay, along with Apple TV, but I haven’t found it yet in the Mac Version.

The airplay sign displays when I turn airplay on, but it does not show the Airmdac, just apple tv. My iPad version shows Apple tv and Airdac