Will Djay Pro replace Djay 2?

Or will they co-exist?

I’m really really really not interested in Djay Pro and don’t like the direction it’s going at all and will not be buying Djay Pro. I hope that development of DJay 2 will continue!

Yes! Thank you!!!
I love Djay 2 because of the relative simplicity and the looks. If I wanted something like Djay Pro, I could as well use Traktor. (which I assume is the reason to develop Djay Pro). Very happy to hear that Djay Retro will be further developed though! :smiley:

Djay pro on the ipad is like djay 2, with 4 decs and better layouts. Its not a totaly different program, just better.

Hi Dimitri,

thank your for your post.
Yes djay 2 and djay pro will co-exist and both will be further supported.
Hop this helps to explain things!

Keep it up,
Lukas E.

Djay 2 offers stability, which makes it more reliable than Djay Pro. I’ve used Djay 2 for 3 years at all sorts of gigs, and it has not let me down yet. I vouch for it.

I agree Djay Pro for IPad is better layed out with all you need to see right there on the screen. Djay 2 is a cool app too though.

Have you used Djay 2 using only Spotify for longer gigs? Android, Ipad or Mac book?