will DJay pro run on 12 inch macbook?

I wanna buy somthing very portable so I’m between a macbook air and the new macbook 12! which one will work with Djay pro better?

It works great on a macbook - that is what I use. If you use an external USB drive, make sure it is on a powered hub…the Macbook power in some cases is not enough.

Yes - that is what I use - works great!

Just use a powered USB hub if your are using a external USB drive. The Macbook does not have enough power (in some cases not all) for a loaded down USB-C power supply.

Also - it will not run more than 3 hours on battery alone…using iTunes and Djay Pro - so you will need to use the power adapter. The ONLY USB interface that works is the $79 Apple. I use the Belkin 4 port USB powered Hub.