Will djay Pro work with a Denon DN-MC6000 midi controller?

Warren, we need to get this working asap… Has the midi mapper been improved from djay? If so, I will try to get this mapped tonight for you…


I too am frustrated because of this, HOWEVER, they have assured us that they are working on native support for these controllers. So, I am quite hopeful.

They will also say that there is no time-frame. Again, there SEEMS to be a renewed energy when it comes to this product, so again, I am hopeful that this mapping will be released sooner, rather than later.

Stick around… it has been a week like no other around here so I expect positive things.


Hey Mike,

Nothing yet.

I have been a professional DJ for Thirty years. I always research before I buy. I choose Denon DN-MC6000 pro midi because it was the most versaltile,compact,and easy to use. It is one of the top rated 4 deck midi along with Numark NS7, and Native Instruments S4. With that said I downloaded your DJPRO demo. I really like it very much. Easy to use,easy to see well,versaltile,great skins. only thing that keeps me from buying is your pro software does not support my pro mixer/midi. Come on man!!!

Hey Scott, Have they mapped the App to mc6000 yet? I’m not buying till they do. I’m Running Traktor Pro and I like the way Djay pro looks as long as it would work as good as Traktor. Got a email from Algoriddim and they said down load new ver. and it would work but if it didn’t use editor or something like that.