Will ios djay pro support the new wego 4?

So I think I’m going to break down and buy a wego for djay, I saw a video saying the new wego 4 will be supported in djay 2 so does that mean it’ll be supported in pro as well? I’ll probably be making a purchase next week so I’m wondering if I should just get the 3 or wait for the 4. Also will it be to switch the filter to bass eq like on the wedj app? Thanks

It has: high / low / filter.
Do not count on mapping it to youre likings. Djay for ios is not mappable by default.

Hi Timothy Gibson,

the WeGo4 will be supported by djay Pro for iOS and Mac as well.

Hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

Ok, thank you both for your help, I just ordered the wego 3 instead because I want to be able to kill any of the three bands when needed for a mix, I figure if I can still use a filter on the jog fx no need to replace part of the eq. Unless I’m missing something that is. Would be nice if I could use my regular lightning cable but I’ll just have to be really careful with the one that comes with. Thanks again!!!