Will not pay for latest version for Mac since it do not support as promised integration with Sportify

Since the MAC version is not iterated for Sportify I ́ll like to have my license payment back. I ́ll use my old version until the integration is on place. In your presentation there is written djay + Spotify and link to App Store for downloading… This isn ́t nice to do.


Sorry to hear about the misunderstanding.

The article mentioned djay 2 for iPad and iPhone and the link should normally automatically redirect you to the iOS apps in the iTunes Store.

Unfortunately, we can’t grant refunds for the App Store. Please kindly contact Apple Support directly.

By the way, we know you’ve been waiting patiently, but not to worry we have lots of big plans for djay for Mac in the future, and we think you’ll be blown away when you see what we’ve been working on. No date to give at this time, but rest assured we want it as much as you do. Stay tuned!

AND PLEASE make it support the most popular controllers…

Warren, you do know that the Denon MC6000 can not even be mapped using the built in mapper? I have tried and it can’t be done.

Better throw us a bone. Many guys are jumping ship.

Why the heck does not MAC version of djay support Spotify?!??!
Some kinda suits and business deal or what? It sucks!