Will Numark NS6II be natively supported with Alogriddim's DJ Pro?

I currently use Djay Pro on Macbook Pro with a Mixtrack Platinum controller. I am considering purchasing the Numark NS6II after reading about all it’s features but I don’t want to do that if it won’t be natively supported with Djay Pro.

If that is is the works, do you have an ETA when it will natively supported?

I now own an NS6II and would love this integration!

Love it! Fantastic controller, though its very much designed for Serato, i’m curious to see how it gets mapped to DJay Pro.

This is particularly relevant to me now that Pulselocker, Serato’s streaming service integration, has gone bust. I now have a NS6II gathering dust until it gets mapped to DJay Pro, or I spank another few hundred $$$ buying all my Spotify playlists as MP3s

Would also love integration with the NS6ii!!

does the Numark NS6II works with Djay Pro now?

Guess we can cancel this request, time goes by and Algoriddim has other priorities.

Plus 1 for native support with the NS6 II. Eagerly waiting

No unfortunately it still is not natively supported.

Considering this controller. The Denon MC7000 appears to be similarly priced with similar features. I need 4 ch and the ability to have at least one rca in. Balanced out is nice too. So ya the NS6II checks all those boxes.

Hey Boogie Saymo,

at the moment we are not supporting the NS6II but every post and email is added to our user request list.

Thank you for pushing the integration.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Aloha! +1 for me, I would be grateful for support for the NS6II!

Do you know if they’ve started any native support development on it yet? I haven’t heard if they’ve actually made that decision.

Hi, how are you finding the NS6II? I’m still waiting for mine, as it’s been on pre-order since the beginning of March! I’m not a fan of Serato, so once Algoriddim start natively supporting this controller, like they do for the Mixtrack Platinum, then that’ll be awesome! My mate can play his beloved Serato, whilst I’ll be happy as Larry using DJay Pro…

I’ve literally taken delivery of the NS6II today!! It’s been a long wait coming, but hopefully worth it…
Therefore, I eagerly await for it’s native support within Djay Pro…

My NS6 II has now gone to a new owner…It’ll be Sod’s Law that Algoriddim bring out native support for it in a week or two’s time. Just like they did when I sold my XDJ-RX…

Oh well, here’s to the Pioneer DDJ-1000 (just need to save up the pennies for it first…)

Basically deciding between this and Pioneer’s SX2. Don’t like how old that one is. But haven’t heard as many negative things about it; heard a few blips with the Numark. I have a Mixdeck Quad, so love my Numark (but that one’s like…6+ yrs old!?)

I just bought that controller yesterday, and from what I read it hasn’t happened, its a newer controller so it might take some time

Hi Lukas, do you have any update about this integration?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.


Need to get support for NS6II