Will Rane One Be Compatible With Djay?

Will Rane One Be Compatible With Djay?

I would love for this to happen; My GOD; I would so love for this to happen…I would stimulate the economy sooo bad with my stimulus infusion with this acceptance from Djay…The only issue i would inquire is how are they gonna make the IPad pro charge or work whilst connected per USB…

Reloop stand hub is one solution
Rane One essentially is no diff from any other controller
If djay doesn’t work I’m shifting back to serato :man_facepalming:t4:

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:mega: Hi All,

Just letting you know that support for RANE ONE has been added in the latest versions of djay Pro AI for iOS (version 3.6.4) and Mac (version 3.0.6).

Thanks for sharing your suggestion here and for your patience! Happy mixing. :headphones:

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