Will the Pioneer DDJ-RX be supported?

Since the RX is so similar to the SX2, will the mapping work for the RX? Will you be creating an official mapping for the RX?

Please keep this thread updated with any progress/updates - I’m aware of what you’re talking about and would give it a go if a solution presents itself.

I recently mapped using midi learn a half decent mapping, but am missing all the goodies like midi out for the vu meters, and my jogs are a little odd too.

Cheers for picking this up Deejay Dave!

With the announcement that Djay Pro has been Pioneer DJ Certified, will we see a change that provides native mapping/support for the DDJ-RX? I’d really like a mapping for both Djay Pro on the computer, and the ipad!

Checking in… Would love an update here.

C’mon! That was a terrible response. No info whatsoever.

"Hey guys,
sorry but we still can not support the RX natively. "

What is required to allow users to have native use for djay Pro with the DDJ RX?


Hey lukas. Out of curiosity why wouldn’t the SX2 or even SX mapping work with the RX? They are almost identical and even the midi channels match up if I remember correctly.

Also if you rename the DDJ-RX midi csv file to the SX2 or SX I would have to imagine this would work 100%. This is how we trick Rekordbox DJ (and other apps SHHHH!!!) into supporting devices not yet supported :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: ONLY attempt this if you have an idea of what I am talking about.


I believe this was a bit of poor wording. It is the specific product that is certified for use with the specific software. I would not anticipate any of the DDJ-R products to be certified for use with any third party applications for obvious reasons. Apps like VDJ who do not actually work with third parties and basically do whatever they please will be the best bet for third party support of DDJ-R hardware.

Does the built in mapping feature not work on this controller for some reason?

Hi Andrew Scopes,

thank you for your request. The SX2 mapping will not work with the DDJ-RX. Nevertheless you can map the controller via the midi mapping learning feature of djay pro. Also please send us a mail to support@algoriddim.com subject “mapping DDJ RX att: Lukas” for further help.

Meanwhile it would be great if other users could give there Likes in order to push the topic. 

Lukas E.

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Hi Deejay Dave,

could you send us a mail as well, support@algoriddim.com subject “mapping DDJ RX att: Lukas”.
Thank you.

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

sorry but we still can not support the RX natively. 

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey there,

we are very happy to announce that djay Pro version 1.4.4 comes with play support for Pioneer XDJ-RX, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SZ2 DJ controllers!

Sorry to let you wait. 

Cheers and all the best.

Lukas E.

Would love this controller to be supported

still nothing for ddj rx ?

Any update to an official mapping for the ddj-rx?

I also just bought a DDJ-RZ and would like a map and/or updates please.

How do you do the Stuff with the midi csv file???

It was just understood that it doesn’t correspond yet. Is there a possibility that DDJ-RX will be a correspondence controller of DjayPro from now on?

Whatsapp! Im thinking about buy a DDJ RX, I wanna use Rekordbox but the problem here is that Algorridm has not the official mapping. Im planning to play bar/pubs gigs and i need an extended library *spoty*. So, now Im thinking about buy a DDJ SX2, (I wont use Serato) but if there is a chance YOU Algorridm launch an official mapping, I would be sure im going to buy an RX, so, please, release it now, thanks you!