Will Xbox A/V adapter work for multi-audio out.

Microsoft Xbox A/V cables look like the cheapest HDMI to audio interface you can get. Does anyone know if combining one with a 30 pin to HDMI cable will actually give you a second output buss?

I mean this sort of cable:

Xbox 360 HDMI Cable + Optical/ RCA Audio Adapter

Think I might be confused too… Looking at the pictures of the Xbox lead the audio breakout cable looks like an HDMI - but I think it’s actually got the proprietory Xbox plug on it, and therefore isn’t going to do the job.

Do we know for sure that that Griffin iMic will work as an extra output buss? I have a Plantronics USB headset which works fine as an output device for the iPad, but which doesn’t seem to work with Djay except as a single output.

Sorry, bit confused…

Please explain your desired setup further. Please also provide links to the mentioned cable(s).