Windows 10. Linking iTunes Library, unable to load content.

During the beta for djay Pro on Windows 10, I was not having issues in regards to loading music from my iTunes Library.

Now with the full release, I am now receiving a “Track not available” message when trying to load songs from iTunes.

Hey there,

thank you for your interest in djay Pro for Windows.
Unfortunately the iTunes library needs to be located at ~/Music or on an external hardrive to work with djay Pro at the moment.
We are aware of this issue and will keep you posted about solutions and workarounds.

Lukas E.

Thank you Angel!
Hope this is working for you guys.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Pancho,

have you tried selecting your tracks on the external drive via the My Files Library?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, I get the full Pro today in the store and I cant load songs from my Itunes Library, can you explain us how to set the Itunes library at ~/music or an external hard drive ??

Please help me, It doesnt work for me.

We need a solution for this, Djay Pro for windows 10 can ́t load tracks from itunes library, the songs appear on the left side but no one can load, I tried all the solutions mencioned here and no one works

Yes, I do. Whit this method the Itunes files work, I think this is the only way but everyone needs to have the files on the same computer; it works for me but it would be better if the files from Itunes works because the user will have to make new folders / library in order to have the playlist in the same order, let me know if you have a solution for that.

Thank you.

1st step: ensure that the option “share iTunes Library XML” checkbox is enabled in iTunes advanced preferences.

2nd step: From DJPro Settings Menu -> Media Library Settings -> click on “Select iTunes Libray” button, then navigate to find out the itunes library.xml file (ussually located in /users/“your user”/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music folder)

Hope this helps

I have the same problem.

has this been solved?