Windows 10 version compatible with Numark Omni Controller?

I used to use my Omni controller with Traktor, but now I like the Spotify integration with Djay. My son or wife are always on the iPad, so I was pleased to see a Windows 10 version - seems to work well so far.

If I dust off my Omni controller, will it work with the Windows 10 beta version? Is there a tutorial on getting set up?

Hi Lukas

Thanks for the reply. All seems fine except the sound from the headphones - there isn’t any.

Pressing the pfl button on the controller illuminates the headphone symbol on the screen in Djay, but not sound comes out of the headphones at all. Don’t think it’s a head phone problem as they worked with my 1210s and mixer.

The controller is routed through a Cambridge Audio amp and speakers through output 1 on the back of the controller. Headphones obviously connected to controller.

Don’t know if this is related but if you move the cross fader from one deck to another then the this automatically lights up the pfl button on the controller and the headphone symbol on screen on the opposite deck.

Hope you can help - I was all set for a proper test run till I realised there was no headphone sound to cue!

Best wishes, Steven


Yes - the only audio device option is Numark Omni Control as shown in the attached screenshot. Though is it a bit odd that it only says Speakers and not Speakers / Headphones?

Hi Lukas

The compromise was to route the audio - speakers and headphones - through my computer using the Griffin DJ Cable and use the Omni Controller as, well, the controller. Sound works fine and the controller works well too with nothing to set up at all beyond plugging it all in.

Having a good test now, amazing to be able to dig through everything on Spotify. Gone are the days of going down to 3Beat Records and spending £50 on 6 white labels!


One bit of weirdness today - when I started, the music was out of sync with the waveform display by some distance. To fix it, I clicked into the drop down with ‘Double Half Tap’ etc., clicked them randomly and then it was fine.

Hey Steven Platts,

the Omni Control should work with our Windows 10 beta and we would love to hear your feedback about the piece of software.

Lukas E.

Hey Steven,

have you checked if the right audio device is selected in the djay Pro audio settings?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Steven Platts,

I am glad that you made your setup work and thank you for testing our latest piece of software.
It would be great if you can tell us about the waveforms being off with the sound via the “Send feedback” function in djay Pro for Windows. 
In that way we can gather all informations by all beta testers separately. 

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.