Windows 10 + vestax spin: problem in pre-cueing {pre listening)

How to set up?
Ciao everyone: Djay pro Just bought and downloaded on my brand new Windows 10 laptop. It works fine bit i’m not able to make pre-cueing working… does anyone found a solution? Can please someone help me in a kind of step by step " how to" guide? I had spot something similar in the forum but no way…
Thanks in Advance for your help

Hey Paolo,

thank you for downloading djay Pro for Windows.

Have you seen our designated FAQ entry for pre cueing with Windows?…

But still not working
I’ve doublechecked and can confirm i’ve latest version of crators update
I’ve also tryed with an audio splitter (to separate headphone and master output) but still not working.
Please help

Hi Guys
After 8 months and several trial & error still not working.
Nor with ASIO, driver or whatever
Can you guys from Algoriddim try to solve once for all or give an update?
Is very frustrating!
Thanks for your help

I am using Vestax Spin on djay Pro for Windows 10 and precueing seems to work. Be sure that when you setup the audio input, select the SPIN output for both main and cueing, but select channel 1-2 for main and 3-4 for pre-cueing.