windows app is total garbage

honestly i had given you guys 5 stars on both the android and ios app. not a single complaint there whatsoever but after i paid almost $100 on the windows version ill be going back and turning that into 1 star.
wheres my beatport login
why should i pay extra for fx after i already paid $70
no ableton link
tracks loading gtakes forever and even once loading they often cut out anyways
beatmatch is garbage
tidal is absolute garbage
i honestly dont see anywhere that ios or android dont outshine this waste of money
if you cant tell after 3 months use im absolutely disgruntled more that a little

Hi @Justin_Saunders,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and sorry to hear about your experience on Windows.

While we are aiming for future parity across all of the djay apps, please note that each app has been developed individually for each of the different platforms. As a result, the apps differ across platforms in various ways. For more details about each app, we would encourage you to take a look at our website and FAQs.

Thanks again for your feedback as it helps us continually improve. We appreciate it and our team will consider your suggestions for future improvements.

I’ve been barking up thus tree for awhile, they don’t care about windows users. They update controllers and streaming but don’t upgrade simple things like post fader effects! It’s been 4 years and every other program puts that one feature in its basic free version.
The only reason it’s still on my computer is because I paid for it.

I used to love the iOS and Android versions. I could legit rip shit up on a cheap controller and I was even using Ableton link to use some old tablets as a launchpad for loops and effects. The windows version is total shit. It’s made DJing annoying again lol

The app for windows users is a piece of garbage indeed. Why charging 50 CAD for it if we can’t even sort our library by colors or comments? Please invest some time upgrading this app because it’s expensive for what we are getting.