Windows app update

Is it planned for the Windows version of the app to be updated to support additional MIDI mappings? In my case I would like to use my mcx8000, which recently got support in the Mac version.

Hi guys,

thank you for your posts.

We are aware of the user demand for further controller mappings for djay Pro for Windows.

I can only assure you that we are working on it and will let you know as fast as possible when there are news.

Please stay tuned.

The issue is that the developping speed is way way to slow, for a pro software where so much features are missing, this is not helping.

Djay has nothing of a “Pro” software, i would love to be wrong but i am not.

Lukas could finally tell us that they are working now on a big update for windows. but he has also said that “there are no plans for a djay pro 2 for windows in short terms”

so it is possible that the “big update” is pro 2 which will take some time to complete, or it can also be just the long overdue update.

Whatever, it’s good that now something finally happening

awesome! thanks a lot algoriddim

Any word yet? I’m a PC DJ as well with an MCX8k and would love to try this software!