Windows djay Shutting Down

  • Device model: HP 250 G6 (Intel Core i5 / 8gb SSD)
  • Version of operating system: Windows 10
  • Version of djay: 5.1.7887.0
  • Hardware/controllers used: Denon MC4000

Summary of the issue:
Software is closing down unexpectedly during use.

CPU Usage averaging under 70% (for all apps and processes), will creep above this at times but not for extended periods.

65% Used Physical Memory, give or take (again for all apps and processes).

GPU usage around 75% (once again all apps and processes).

djay Pro’s power usage is very high (power usage trend over time is moderate).

How to reproduce the issue:

Unable to reproduce, happens randomly.

PLEASE HELP! I have a ticket open with algoriddim support but they are yet to provide a solution.

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Hi @Gareth_John_Teare-Jo, thanks for the detailed information. Sorry to hear about this issue. To help me troubleshoot this with you, please provide some additional details:

  1. Are you running any other applications while using djay? Perhaps a background anti-virus scan, automatic cloud backup, background software update?
  2. Are WiFI and Bluetooth ON?
  3. Are you playing music from streaming services, songs stored on you internal drive or on an external drive?
  4. Are you using Neural Mix, Crossfader FX, 4 Decks or anything else you can think of when this happens?
  5. Is your laptop connected to power and charging?
  6. Is your MC4000 connected to its own power supply or running off USB bus power?
  7. Do you reboot your laptop before DJing?

I also recommend you refer to the linked article about optimizing your laptop for DJing:

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Hi again @Gareth_John_Teare-Jo, I also see that our support team is helping you on the backend to analyze your crash reports. This is an important step, so please continue to communicate with them on that as they have access to analysis tools that I don’t. Thanks!

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