Wish: Display Neural Mix (vocals, harmonic, drums) in overview waveform

I would like djay to display neural mix information in the small overview waveforms so I can mix confidently even with songs I’ve never played before. With songs I don’t know very well the thing I’m looking out for most is where vocals are because I want to avoid overlaying vocals with vocals. With Neural Mix, I can already display the big waveform with up to four Neural Mix “stems”. This is great and I want the same information available in the small one so I don’t get surprised by vocals when I think there will be none coming up anymore (ie at the end of a song).

I mentioned vocals primarily but this would be useful for all Neural Mix layers.

Thanks for sharing this suggestion, @djjoejoe. What you’ve said makes a lot of sense, and we appreciate your feedback about this. I’ve passed this suggestion on to our development team to take a closer look into how we might further improve the waveform display with Neural Mix. Stay tuned for future updates! :headphones:

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