Wish list for upcoming upgrades?

I have a few questions that I can not google my way to.

  1. Audio and video recordings seem to come in a resolution of 1280 × 720. My movies are in 1920x1080. Can you record video in 1920x1080p? And if not. Is that something that will come in an upcoming upgrade?

  2. I’m a talking DJ. So I really miss the ducking feature. Is that something that will come in an upcoming upgrade?

Hi @Soren_Henriksen,

I’ll be happy to answer your questions (and my apologies for the late reply!). Could you first please tell me if you’re using djay Pro AI on iOS or are your questions referring to the Mac version of djay?

I use a macbook Pro 2018 MacOS Monterey Version 12.1
I’m a Salsa DJ (and dance teacher). I really really want to show Salsa music videos in 1920X1080p to my audience. As well as being able to show the CD cover instead of video when a music video is not available as well as being able to get the music to Ducking when I speak to my audience. Three little wishes I really very much hope to be implemented soon.
Kindly regards Søren Henriksen - Denmark

Thanks for the additional information, @Soren_Henriksen. My apologies for the late reply here.

I’ll be happy to address each item on your wish list individually:

  1. Record video in 1920x1080p.
    This is not currently possible, but I’ve added your request to our internal tracker for future consideration.

  2. Ducking feature with microphone.
    At the moment, there is no ducking function in djay Pro AI for Mac. However, some controllers have this function internally built in. On djay, once you’ve configured your microphone hardware, you can toggle the microphone input on or off, or change the volume to suit your needs, using the Mic input menu. You can also add Echo and alter the Pitch of the incoming sound for some cool effects. You can find the Mic input menu at the top left side of your screen. That said, I’ll also put in this request to our development team for future consideration.

  3. Show the CD cover instead of video when a music video is not available.
    Currently, you have many options available for what to show on the screen when loading a song without video in video mode. These include: a wide-range of Visualizers, or graphics, more of which you can download directly in djay; Photos that you choose and add within video mode; or an Image Overlay or Text added to the main output screen in video mode. In addition, I will also put in a request for showing the album cover as a visualizer option.

Thanks again for sharing these ideas/suggestions with us! We appreciate it, and I’ll keep this thread updated with any news moving forward.

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I see that djay Pro has been upgraded. Is the resolution on video ouput changed to 1080P? If not - when will something happen on that front?

Thanks for reaching out! While I can’t give a specific timeline for these developments, I’ve added an additional note about your request to our internal tracker to push this request. I’ll keep you updated when I have any news about this.

The most urgent thing is the ability to show music videos in Full HD 1080P. I am currently forced to use iTunes as a DJ app to play my music with music video. Which means I have to “trim” every single music video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Which is very time consuming. As well as switching between djay Pro and iTunes in the middle of each session. So please please hurry. It is very urgent.