Wish there was a list of Andriod tabs that can run an external controller with the DJ app with minimal lag

Or is it still just the nexus devices? I want to get Zenbook with an intel chip but im not sure if it will run the dj app with an external controller with minimal lag. Also looking at the Nokia N1.

I have been gigging on an iPad mini and then an iPad mini 2 reliably, 3-4 times per week for the past year with no lag. Very reliable. I won’t even open it on my 2.5 ghz quad core Android device, the lag is so bad.

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Due to technical circumstances external audio interfaces aren’t supported by android devices. To get an audio output you have to connect your earphones directly to your android device. To enable pre cueing you need the griffin DJ Cable (https://griffintechnology.com/us/dj-cable). 
Djay 2 won’t work on any device with an intel chip, so the Zenbook is not a good choice. 

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