Wobbly sound using DVS on Mac

”flocky and wobbly”

  • Device model: MacBook Pro, late 2020 16gb RAM
  • Version of operating system: 14.3.1
  • Version of djay: pro, 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: DVS, Traktor external sound card

Your question:
Playing songs there is a wobbly sound as you can hear in the video in the link below. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I have no idea what’s causing it. Does anyone know what to do?

Thanks! Chris

Which control vinyl are you using?

Edit: I see you’re using Djay Pro Control Vinyl. Are you sure your tonearm is balanced or needles are secure? Does it happen on both sides of the vinyl?

Thanks for your reaction. Yes, it happens on both sides and on both turntables. Tonearms are perfectly balanced, it doesn’t happen with Native Instruments timecode. Do you have any other suggestions?

That’s not what I would describe as wobbly. From your description I thought the audio was going to be increasing/decreasing in tempo or pitch, but that sounds more like a playback glitch rather than timecode related.

What happens if you just play the track from the MacBook, not using timecode?

It doesn’t happen with NI timecode? So what timecode are you using when it does happen?

Exactly, “a glitch” would be a more suitable term. I wasn’t sure how to describe the sound…
When I play a song without DVS there are no problems. I am using a Djay timecode vinyl record.

OK if it doesn’t happen when you use NI timecode, just use that instead of the DJay timecode. :smiley:

No streaming options… :grimacing:

For the track in the video, does the issue happen at the same spot every time or is it random?

Using a different brand of timecode in DJay shouldn’t affect which streaming services are available…

That is not the case: Traktor NI timecode uses a different Hertz frequency. Doesn’t work with Djay

You said earlier that “it doesn’t happen with Native Instruments timecode”.

Presumably then, what you should have said was “it doesn’t happen in Traktor” or “it doesn’t happen with different timecode in different software”.

I believe Traktor time code uses 2kHz; djay supports standard timecode DVS systems that use a control tone of 1kHz.

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