Workaround for Tidal batch track analysis !

I recently encountered, like many of us, the issue of not being able to batch analyse the tracks in Tidal playlists.

I stumbled on this forum post where David exposes the issue and the Algoriddim teams confirm it is currently impossible :

One other member dj_romy_fi provides an actually pretty good workaround for this issue using auto mix. And I thought it would be good to share it.

I’ve attached a screenshot with my best settings to have the fastest analysis possible.

Many thanks to David and dj_romy_fi for raising this and providing the workaround.

Of course, if Algoriddim can provide this as a native feature, even if this cannot be done in the background while mixing, it would be very nice.

It is also worth mentioning that the analysed Tidal tracks don’t seem to sync with other devices through the cloud. I hope this will be fixed too.

dj_romy_fi you are certainly right, the settings I’ve provided are for a 300Mbit fibre optic link.

Currently analysing the video playlist, it’s so cool mixing videos right from Tidal, no way I create an 20TB music video library :slight_smile:

For me the duration is 40s, even though that currently I have 10-30 Mbps download speed.

I don’t know if it’s enough as some of my tracks have BPM info, but key is missing so I need to adjust my duration. 

I’m guessing that if my download speed is dropping, it is still easy to detect BPM with small amount song (maybe with only 32-64 beats) but detecting key requires more than that 40s data.

You need to try and figure out optimal mix duration because of your current internet download speed.

In some strange cases I’ve seen that the automix just starts to skip songs very fast.
It looks like DjPro has dropped connection to Tidal server and it can’t fetch any song data from the Tidal server.

Restarting DjPro and previously not analyzed songs are downloaded and analyzed just fine.

And I’m usig this app to prevent display/computer sleep:

Then just volume to 0 and dimm out the screen to prevent screen burning …

This is so strange, I have now analzyed about 19000 songs,. Eventually on first round roughly 1100 was not getting key on the first run.

Now I’m doing second round, but with 20s automix duration and the detection is quite fast (1-3s).
Makes me wonder, if the value is just written to metadata in hard drive, but the gui isn’t refreshed. So strange.