WORKING DJ controllers for Djay Pro 1 on Windows 10

Hi everyone,

Could anybody please share which DJ controllers they have had no issues with and work natively with djay Pro 1 for Windows 10?

I’m in the market for a controller, but I’m yet to find one which completely works 100% correctly with djay Pro 1 for Windows 10.

I hope there’s one out there, my preferred software is Algoriddim djay for the Spotify integration.

Any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

I use Pioneer DDJ-400, and I have had no issues so far.

I use the vestax spin 1 for Mac/PC was made for djay pro never had a issue at all what so ever old but it works it’s a Manuel controller you are doing all the work it’s like rocking on turntables

Thanks for this, is it line out?

Cool, thanks for the info

Nice one, thank you

I am using Vestax Spin, and it is nicely integrated with djay Pro. Even though Vestax Spin is advertised for Mac, it works with Windows as well.
Vestax Spin presents to WIndows as a MIDI controller, 4 channel audio output (speaker + headphone) and 2 channel audio inputs (Mic). Note that djayPro for Windows has no mic support.
The Vestax company is out of business, but there are still some on ebay at a good price.

Sorry, I wanted to say “line out(RCA) + headphones” instead of “speaker + headphones”. I connected the line out to an amp and ended up in a speaker :slight_smile:

I’m using Denon MC4000