Worlde Orca Pad 48 midi controller

This seems like an awesome controller to use with looper.
If I knew it would work, I would buy it right away.

Hi @RobustaDK,

Thanks for sharing this request with us. That’s a very interesting proposition.

I’d like to point out that you could map this controller yourself by following this instructions here:

This thread in the Community is also really helpful when it comes to MIDI mappings:

Furthermore, I found this document by Worlde that might help you out get started:

We’ll let you know if this device gets natively supported on djay PRO AI.


That controller looks interesting.

Now I have it at home. I have mapped the buttons to Looper, the top knobs to looper track volumen, and the bottom faders to neuralmix 4 tracks for deck 1 and deck 2.
I would like to mere the “active buttons” to keep their color lighted when active. Is that even possible?

Yes! That is possible through MIDI Out. You can even select the LED colors. Taken from the MIDI Learn for iOS FAQ:


This allows djay to send a MIDI signal back to the MIDI controller, e.g. to enable button LEDs. For buttons on most controllers, simply enabling the “MIDI Out” checkbox will make the button’s LED work correctly. However, for some controllers it will be necessary to manually select the MIDI channel, message type (“CC” or “Note on/off”), and control number that corresponds to the button you are mapping. The MIDI Out options are:

  • Channel: Change the MIDI channel for your MIDI signal.
  • Type: Choose between Note on/off or Control Change (CC).
  • Control: Selects which control a return message is sent to. This can be different from the mapped control.
  • Value: Set the minimum and maximum value of the MIDI out signal, between 0 and 127. You can also toggle Blend, and/or Invert it

To get some controls working as you’d like, you may need to consult your controller’s manual, or simply experiment with different settings, e.g. slowly move the “Control” slider (this will send a MIDI signal for each subsequent control number, allowing you to observe your MIDI controller while moving the slider to find the right setting).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Cheers, G

Thanks for your reply. I must admit I really feel lost when trying this :slight_smile:
When I check “Midi out” on one of the pads, I automaticly get a unique value in the control slider value. The chanel is set to 10 by default, I can not select global as mentioned in the Worlde manual, and I can not find any list of values.
You talk about trying some options. I click the test button, but have not seen any responses on any of the pads when I drag the slider around.
I am totally noob here, so any other hints on how to test and proceed is very very welcome.

My supplier also gave up on this device. We can not make it work with midi return, so the pads keep shows light when “on”.
So any further help from you will be very helpful.

Had the same issue with orca 48, was really hope it could be natively supported by djay

It’s a shame