Would it be possible to use two Numark NDX 500's and Native Instruments Z1 with DJAY PRO?

I have just purchased a full copy of DJAY Pro and am looking for a decent control surface to use it with. I have decided I do not want a ‘All-in-one’ controller like a N4 or Mixtrack Pro. I want a set of MIDI/USB CDJ’s and a USB mixer.

I was wondering would I be able to use two Numark NDX 500’s and a Native Instrument Z1 Mixer? I know how easy it is to Map new devices in DJAY but was wondering if DJAY Pro would read them and be able to use them to control DJay?

Thanks in advance!

djay Pro can be mapped to any device sending midi signals. Therefore, both devices, the Numark NDX 500, as well as the Native Instruments Z1, must be switched into Midi Mode.

In case you need an instruction on how to configure the controller, take a look here:

About the Numark NDX 500: Please kindly contact Numark support to have a check on which controls will be sending midi signals in Midi Mode and which not. Just to make sure all the controls you need will be available.