would like more trigger cue points for my keyboard

I really liked the way the older versions of Ddjay had the ease of assigning cue points with the dots on the record. is there any way to use a larger part of the key board for more cue points on the newer DjayPro?

Sorry, there are only Keyboard Shortcuts for 4 Cue Points per Deck, not more of them. It is neither possible to change Keyboard Shortcuts.

I too wish that all the GUI functions could be mapped to user defined keys but so far that idea has not had a high enough priority to get traction.

You can get an external controller that has buttons that you can map to the other hot cue points. That is what I ended up doing. I got the reloop neon. With the help of some others on the forum I was able to map it to DJay and use it in conjunction with my existing controller to augment some of these functions.

I have been told that you can also get some software to make an additional pc keyboard addressable via midi. So in theory you could map the extra cue points to an additional PC keyboard masquarading as a midi device.