Would like to suggest a Master Equalization with 10 bands

It would be very nice if the settings had a 10-band master equalization besides the 3-band of each deck

While it’s a really advanced idea that would probably take a lot of work, this is a really nice idea. I like it a lot.

Two of the places I DJ in regularly have sound systems that are ‘biased’ towards certain frequencies, i.e. the output has a noticeable ‘hump’ at certain points. In one place, it’s the high-end, where the hi-hats and the ‘s’ and ‘t’ sound of vocals are. In the other, it’s just above the ‘proper’ bass, but below the male vocal range.

I’m always having to set the EQ right for the characteristics of the particular track, then adjust it again to compensate for the ‘hump’. One way around it is to connect the master output from my mixer into a channel of the venue’s mixer, and use the venue mixer’s EQ to compensate.

It would be nice to be able to ‘save’ EQ curves to profiles that you could switch between. You could also switch the auto-gain and limiter on or off on a profile-by-profile basis. So when you’re DJing in Venue X, you could go into settings and choose your saved “Venue X” profile. This would apply your EQ and gain settings.

Of course, this would only work in internal mixing mode. I’ve no idea what you’d do if you were using external mixing mode.

Hi there,

thank you for sharing your idea. I added this to our user request list and it would be great if other users can “Me too” this thread in order to push the topic.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Yes, i saw the same request in Serato forums and Mixxx does already have that feature.

On small setups, a good equalizer is really advised. integrated in the software is really a bonus.