Would love to be able to have a slider at the bottom of the library view to expose full track names

I often have problems identifying the specific mix of a song that I have several times in my library. Perhaps I can’t remember how long the song is, or which DJ mixed the version that I am looking for, whatever. Anyway, it would be a great addition for me to be able to turn on a setting in the options to add a scrub slider at the bottom of the library view. This scrub would be fixed at the bottom of the screen and when slid across, would scroll the title of the songs from one end to the other end. This slider when slid to the right, would slide the full titles for all songs in the library viewed on screen, slowly cutting off the beginning of the title but I would control that until I have seen the full title.

Sure, when put into practice, long song named songs would still be in view whereas their neighbouring songs may well have disappeared off the screen as their titles are much shorter. It would be so intuitive to use, I’m sure.

Its pretty hard to put into words!

I don’t believe this works on the iPad in DJay2, which is where the feature is in dire need

Failing my initial thoughts above regarding a slider, perhaps you could have a two-finger horizontal swipe to slide the names of the tracks to the left, exposing the full names of all the tracks shown on the screen in full screen library view. This could also be a useful solution in the search box where not enough text is visible when viewing search results.

Again, this comment relates ONLY to DJay2 for iPad.

Yep, just adjust the columns so you can see the text. Right click on the titles to remove the ones you don’t want to see.

This has been available for years.

We’ve been asking for the ability to see full track names for years, I do like you slider idea though.

Or a text size adjuster.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys!