WOW... The update us FREAKING AMAZING!

Wow… just WOW!

Thank you!

Tell me what you like about it?

I only downloaded the demo and it is amazing! Still waiting for my app to update in the App Store.

Darn right… I am VERY critical but I am also very praising. This may be what I have been hoping for. I am a pain to this company, I know I am but I am hoping that they respect me for NEVER giving up and always pushing them.

Sure, I could spend an hour typing about what I like about it OR you could download the demo.

You stayed true to your word, you said if they fixed their issues you would sing their praises, and you are.

I wan’t to thank Algoriddim as well. Good update. Good work.

Thank you so much, guys! We really, really appreciate it!

So excited to get confirmation on controller and start using this as well. We were so stoked to see the Spotify integration. Looks Awesome.

This positive feedback is very reassuring and I too am a praiser to something I really like and I think we are really going to like this… :slight_smile: