x86 ? will it work on 64 bit windows 10?

Hi having used djay on the mac for some time I have to say it is a great package however my experience of the windows version has been pretty poor. I have installed the software ( demo) on three laptops all modern I£ processors with windows 10 they have 4gigs and in one case 87 gigs of ram. The program runs on all computers but produces unreliable operation sometimes the graphic disc with be seen as very jittery but the sound sounds ok then it will lock up. On one occasion audio stopped being played from one deck and a reboot was required. It feels like a program under development the mac and ipad versions are superb sadly this windows version is very very buggy.
I am running it on 64 bit laptops \ 64 bit versions of windows 10 with all updates installed. I see from the spec you suggest it require x86 which is a little strange seeing as most new laptops are running the 64 bit version.

Can I ask will djay run happily in the 64bit environment or have i got to install a 32 bit version of windows 10. Not good if this is the case.

Cheers Mike