XDJ-700 and djay Pro? Any limitations?

Hi, I have a new club gig using Pioneer XDJ-700s. Currently using USB sticks, but I’d like to try out djay Pro - any limitations on compatibility? Will the XDJ touchscreens show waveforms and other information when using djay Pro

Connecting djay Pro (MacBook Air) to a pair of XDJ-700s went very smoothly. Normally I would use USB sticks, but I really wanted to try out djay Pro with this gear and I’m very pleased with how easy it was - basically plug-n-play.

I used 2x USB cables with the MacBook Air (1x USB cable for each XDJ-700). djay provided a little pop-up window with simple instructions to configure the XDJ-700 and I was set for the night. I was able to DJ directly on the laptop or by using the XDJ-700 players. Updates/responsiveness/sync between all 3x devices was basically instantaneous (3x devices = 1x MacBook Air + 2x XDJ-700s).

This is a playlist in djay Pro.The info is mirrored on the XDJ-700 screens.

This is the XDJ-700 screen - it mirrors the playlist I was browsing in djay Pro (photo above).

Photos of the club setup:

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Hi @Michael_Wisniewski,

We’re happy to hear this all went smoothly for you! The XDJ-700s are natively compatible with djay Pro AI, and we’re also glad to hear they are working correctly with djay Pro.

Should you ever encounter an issue, feel free to reach out and let us know!

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