XDJ full support

When are we going to get rudimentary screen support for the XDJ XZ, it is Pioneers flagship controller and we got nothing on screen, please tell us why, it is implemented on CDJs but not this controller, is this on the table at some point.

Pics showing CDJs Vs XDJ

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I would also love to see this along with screen support for the Denon Prime 4 and SC6000(M). Virtual DJ and Serato already support this.

Hi @paul_gordon,

While I cannot say if or when the XDJ-XZ’s main screen might be implemented I can say that our dev team is aware that some user’s would like to see djay updated with this feature in mind.

If anything changes in regards to this I will make sure to update this thread. Have a great day!


I have started using not only my XDJ but. DJP over Rekordbox in a professional bar environment but not having any screens on XDJ for what was loaded, BPM etc was a real loss as the laptop was not in an ideal position for viewing, if this could be implemented sooner or later so I don’t have to go back to Rekordbox to use my controller effectively. I am on a forum with 38k XDJ users that would love the same and it is Pioneers flagship controller bar none.

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