XDJ-RR Support

I was wondering if you guys are working on supporting the Pioneer XDJ-RR. I’m playing with it quite often and really like DJay Pro 2 on my macbook. However Djay Pro 2 doesn’t seem to support the XDJ-RR yet.


Thank you guys for sharing your feedback.

We added all your votes to our user controller request list.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi @all

pushing the topic internally. This is on our agenda.

Lukas E.

No, you could manually map all the buttons. But it will never work as well as native support

Did you find any temporary solution to use the controller with djay pro?

Bump for this topic, I could also really use this

Any Time soon?

Any news about an upcoming update?

Also looking for this, and please get it on the windows version too.

yes it be great and amazing to use the controller XDJ-RR with djay pro and so is good price to buy XDJ-RR but first i need updates and drivers download thank you for support and help

Hello! What’s the status of supporting the XDJ-RR?


Is there any update on this? I’ve manually mapped the controls but it’s pretty glitchy!

What is the update on this? I agree that manual mapping is kinda glitchy sometimes… It would be amazing to have this released :slight_smile: !

Hope this will come soon :slight_smile: ! Thanks team for your hard work!