XLR Bluetooth Adapter for djay Pro

Bought this last year, and it’s become one of those things I can’t live without. Instantly use djay Pro on any XLR mixer or speaker. With djay Pro iOS and a compact mixer, it’s in the top 3 “ultra-portable” setups I own. Can’t recommend it enough.



These are pretty useful. I have one made by Xvive and it comes in handy.


I like the one by Xvive, it has a USB-C charging port. The Alto a micro-USB charging port.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing @Michael_Wisniewski and @LogisticalStyles

I don’t know who flagged my comment about Spotify being for personal use ony, or why, but I’ve done nothing wrong by quoting the terms & conditions of its use.

DJs are not permitted to use Spotify. It was removed from DJ software for that very reason.

But that’s a Mono device…it smashes left and right from the stereo file together to make for one input.

What I did was build a little RasPi streamer box based on HiFiBerry’s XLR DAC hat (back before covid made the price of RasPi4s outrageous):


I’ve got mine in a small Pelican-type case with Power supply and XLR-F to 1/4" TRS cables so it’s a self contained kit. I hear they’re alpha-testing a 64bit version of the software that talks airplay2. I’ll upgrade when it’s officially been released and let e’erbody in the club know how it works, but for right now, my older version is rock solid.


You can pair 2 devices and output a stereo signal. It’s one of the features.

I suppose for redundancy in the case of a failure that might be a good setup, but that’s another pairing to be maintained wirelessly. This makes me uneasy.
How much per unit, rough cost?
I know I like the sound of the converters in mine, and since they’re a line-level output, can drive powered speakers

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If you want someting more pro, there’s the DN-200BR from Denon.

Another from Klark Teknik (DW 20BR)

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They cost around US$50 each. You can plug them directly into the back of powered speakers. The main benefit, they can run off the built-in battery which lasts around 6-8 hours.

Yeah I do love the Denon and Klark gear, but the main reason for the Alto and Xvive devices is for fast impromptu setups. They are battery powered, so you can plug-n-play.

Can the battery be replaced easily?

In a stereo setup, if the adapters needed to run for longer than the battery life, that would mean 2 power adapters/chargers, extension cords/mains leads…

while my HiFiBerry machine doesn’t have a battery backup, if the power is out, there’s no show anyway, right?
another benefit is I can get a PA up and running with one of these, and it connects to TIDAL to play a playlist before I get my DJ rig up…so there’s music sooner. and it’s also a backup in case my dj rig has issues…

(gotta be devil’s advocate, to help people decide which is the right choice for THEM…two of yours vs one of mine is approx the same price)

and this too:

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I have this Alto and love it! One major set back is if I’m using my controller and want to unplug it and switch to Bluetooth I have to restart the App .