Xone 96 not fully compatible and no rane performer support

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How can you say xone 96 is supported and the best feature of dj pro do not work.
Total false advertisement.
Put an * at least

Come on

Also no Rane performer support?

Come on

What “best feature” doesn’t work?

The Rane Performer has only just been released. Come on.

Fader mapping , auto mix
Need to be on there a game and focus on getting the software to work with hardware.
I’m just saying I have two rigs that won’t work fully with dj pro. Why do I pay for the software if it’s doesn’t work fully?
They work with crap controllers but not top of the line stuff… just frustrating.

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Hey Chad, I’m using Xone96, understanding your frustration, and it have true, X96 not comp with 100% but, that is up to Allen&Heat, X96 is an analog mixer, couldn’t work as a controller, but with Xone K2 its fully mappable.

These part are mappable. I hope this help. Djay Pro is a good DJ app. Keep on grooving :))

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Cheers bud.
Thanks for the input.
Just don’t get the fader being mappable and it not working with the auto mix and other cheap controllers it does.

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Which fader you would like to mapping and for what function?

The automix for transitions. They say they have no way of knowing the location of the cross fader but there working on it.
I just would like to use it for when you gotta go use the bathroom or grab a beer during a dj set.
The sound drops out if you go from external to Internal mixer in the software.

I guess I could map it with a midi controller(akai midimix)
Just wanted to not have more boxes to set up.
Hopefully Rane performer will be soon and all the functions will work.

just switch manually internal mode and go next tack auto mix. No need to complicate that.

Your audio doesn’t drop out?

sometimes do, sometimes not

Just tried it and the app shut down so not gonna be usable live
Thanks for the help

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then if you need a break just play a 10 min song :slight_smile:

:joy:extended extended extended version

I do with sugarhill gang longversion rappers delight :grinning:

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