Yet more crashing

I used my reloop mixon 4 last night with iPad and tidal, it crashed approx every hour or so and needed a complete reboot, it actually turned the iPad off completely leading to a dj set with multiple silences. Any news on why this is happening?

A power supply problem, perhaps, or a network connectivity issue? bad cable between ipad and interface? something needs a firmware/OS update?
We don’t really have enough information to go on from your post…have you seen other reports of this here?

No hardware issues at all, the cables are all fine, connections all fine, all software is up to date including the operating systems. It just won’t play a set for longer than just over an hour before it shuts everything down. This only happens while using the djay app, everything else runs fine and never has any issues. I use it mainly for the app and mixon connection so it’s not like there’s even a great deal on the iPad to clog any memory,

This used to happen to me quite some time ago but it was addressed with updates at the time…The app would just crash and shutdown after approx. 1/2 hr of playing but from memory it had to do something when using Key Lock and Sync…

I played a 6 hr set straight last Friday night without a hiccup, mainly using my own music in iTunes and the occasional Tidal track that l didn’t have and was asked to play…

This is with the Rane One and iPad 9th Gen…


Hey @Zil ,

Thanks for posting about this here and sorry to hear about what you experienced.

Please send us a message from inside your djay app, following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Support section and tap “Contact Support”
  3. Include Attn: Cam_A in your message and/or reference to this Community thread

Thank you. I’ll be on the lookout for your next message!

Are you using the lightening connector on the Mixon 4? Both the Mixtour and Mixon4 hard crash my phone when using the controller’s built-in lightening connector. It does not crash my iPad Pro m1 (usb-c) when I use the regular (not lightening) usb midi port on the Mixon 4 or Mixtour (using a usb-c to midi dongle).

I haven’t tried the regular USB port with my phones as I don’t have a lightening to USB adapter but I suspect that might fix it. I would strongly suggest trying one.

I reported the issue to Reloop and they said it was a software problem. I reported the issue to Algoriddim and they said it was a hardware problem…But I could reproduce the hard crash on TWO different iPhones…so it certainly isn’t the apple device.