ZIP File Support?

Hello Algoriddm! The new video support update is AMAZING!! However, I couldn’t load any of my zip files. This is a HUGE thing for me, as I am a professional mobile DJ/KJ and Im currently using another program to run my karaoke shows. Sometimes, I switch back and forth during music breaks because I love using your program. Being able to use Djay Pro for my karaoke applications would be the icing on the cake, for me and a lot of KJ’s out there Im sure. I noticed that with the new update there is the option to load a separate video while a different song is playing. That could only mean that the separation capability of audio and video is there, which is essentially what the karaoke ZIP files are… MP3+Graphic. Im really hoping that I missed something, and that I CAN load ZIP files but don’t know how.

ps. you guys rock!

I’m sorry, loading ZIP files is not possible, yet.
We’ll have an eye on that…

An eye on it is good enough for me! Thanks Adrian, Ill be waiting in anticipation.

Hey Adrian, Any word on ZIP file integration? It has been over a year now. I just can’t seem to fathom that it would take that long to integrate something like Zip file support. And please, pardon my ignorance as I am not a programmer.

So… Djay Pro 2 has launched, and still no zip file support? May I ask why?

Hi Ahmad Ibrahim,

karaoke zip file support is still on our agenda. Thank you for pushing the topic.

Lukas E.