4% Tempo Option...

…for smaller controllers.

Sometimes, you actually feel like mixing.
Mixing on tiny faders (like on the Numark DJ2GO Touch for example) is a pain because you can’t get granular with your mixing. You are forced to use Sync.
Mixing by ear is essential for mixing tracks with live drummers, I know that sounds antiquated, but it’s an acquired taste, like driving stick.

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Hi @DJ_Chris_Argueta,

Thanks for the feedback! I will go ahead and pass this along to the dev team for further review.

Additionally, could you tell me what platform you are using djay on?

Hi Nathaniel,
I am using the iOS version of djay pro AI on my 2nd Gen (2021) 11" iPad Pro.
I use djay pro AI with a Numark DJ20GO2 Touch.

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As a add on to this request, l would like to see 100% tempo option with the ability of slowing a track right down to zero,
Denon Prime does this…


Still no 4% for smaller controllers?

No but let’s keep the thread alive and hopefully it will be implemented in further updates…

Totally agree, we need a 4% option for controllers with small pitch faders.

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Yes I agree, and this should be trivial to add…for using the iPad screen directly and controllers even with somewhat large pitch controls (Mixon 4) it is hard to manually set the pitch…especially around the center dead zone which I don’t think we have the option of controlling.

I would even suggest a 2%, mode while we’re at it, honestly.

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Another agreement - a 4% option would make things far easier on the Numark DJ2Go2.

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On my Mac Mini, I have the option of 6%, I would settle for that for my iPad for now.
But 4% for a smaller controller would be ideal.

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Just wondering if this was still being looked at? Because using e.g. a Numark DJ2Go2 Touch (but I’d guess the Hercules offering has similar problems) - +/- 8% is quite a wide range for a very small slider!

4% Tempo still not available?
How hard can it be to implement this?
If I’m not mistaken, it’s available already on my Mac mini. How about 4% for my iPad?

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Come on man, give us 4% on iOS.