5.1.1 sudden shut down

Awesome thanks so much for getting the update out!!! Hopefully it’s all solid. Thank you love your work, best app ever.


I’m just glad it’s not me!

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It appears 5.1.2 has now been release in the App Store

Hello everyone. I’m happy to report that 5.1.2 has officially been released. Please update and let me know if this fixes your issue. Thanks.


I haven’t tested yet, but I just want to say I appreciate your quick fix and the constant support on this channel here @Slak_Jaw and the engineering team!!


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You’re welcome @PoyTB

Hi @Slak_Jaw I don’t see an update on my device or App Store. Can you advise please?

Hi @tony_foo_yong do you have the update? I don’t…

@djqueenvic - it didn’t show up on my AU apple store too, i had to force refresh on the update page for it to shows. Good luck man

@Slak_Jaw - I’m wondering if there is a way to get an immediate notification when you guys update the release note page? I’m asking because I have the auto-update turn off, and wouldn’t know until i check it myself.

I can tell you that before Slak Jaw was an employee for Algoriddim, communication was pretty poor…
He has made quite a difference to how complaints are heard and is very helpful and always follows up on issues with the software.


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@PoyTB I try to update this info as quickly as I can, but I don’t work 24/7. Please keep in mind that everyone is in a different time zone and the App Store doesn’t update in every region at the same time. You’ll have to check regularly on your own if you want it as quickly as possible

Thanks for the positive feedback @maurizio_T. Always appreciated! :grin:


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I agree. He’s made such a big improvement.

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Hello, yes, I am showing it on the app store when I look, I’m certain that you’ll get it over your way anytime now.

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Got it thanks, Tony. Had a port problem.

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You could have fooled me Slak, you always answer 24/7, even when on vacation :grin:


Hahaaaa! Okay 23/7 :rofl:

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