Reloop Ready not Connecting to djay

Strange coincidence, but the djay app won’t connect to my reloop buddy now.

@djqueenvic disconnect everything, close djay and perform a Forced Restart on your iOS device.

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Yep, did all that @Slak_Jaw

Disconnect and reconnect your USB cable. Press the Rescan for MIDI Devices. Make sure your iOS device is connected to power and charging.

Also make sure you didn’t accidentally move the iOS switch on the side of your controller

@Slak_Jaw Any other advice. Have checked the connection lead in an other device and works fine.

Hi @djqueenvic,

I moved this discussion to a new topic so we can keep the other discussion and this one focused. Let’s take a step back.

  1. Were you able to update djay Pro to 5.1.2 or are you still on 5.1.1?
  2. Did anything else change in your setup between when it was connecting properly and when you tried to download the latest version?
  3. Can you please provide photos of all of your connections to the iPad and to the Buddy so I can confirm that everything looks correct?
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I can’t even get the rescan to scan for my device @PoyTB My head is f.f.fried!


Still on 5.1.1.
When I tap rescan. Nothing happens.
Haven’t touched anything else since yesterday, while we were waiting for the update. So the jumping hot cues were fixed and now this.

Thanks for the photos @djqueenvic.

  1. Is the Buddy connected to power via the other USB-B cable?
  2. If so, is the power adapter the same one that came with your iPad?
  3. If not, please take a picture of it and the small writing that shows the Wattage, Voltage and Amperage?
  4. Is your iPad charging properly when connected to the Buddy?

USB connection pic.
The buddy to iPad lead doesn’t charge iPad. I always have to ensure iPad has already charged. This set up has worked at least a year. Although, the lead is a bit glitchy…

@djqueenvic, I believe this could be source of your problem. The Buddy when connected to power should be charging your iPad.

  1. Are you using the original iPad charger?
  2. Have you tried a different USB-B to A cable to connect the Buddy to the power adapter?
  3. Have you tried connecting to a different powerbar?
  4. The other issue could be the USB-A to C cable that you are connecting from the Buddy to the iPad. Where did you get this cable? Have you tried different ones?
  5. Please note that not all USB cables are created equal. Some can deliver more power than others. Some cannot transmit data and some transmit data at slow speeds. Also cheap USB cables are know to fail. If possible, try to use the original cables that came with your iPad or purchase high quality cables like the Chroma Cables from DJ TechTools.
  1. I would also check your USB-C socket on the iPad to make sure it is clean. I’ve had intermittent connection issues in the past when this connector was filled with dust/debris.

It looks like there’s a problem with this port. Just noticed it’s not charging using this connection now

@djqueenvic I had a similar issue with an iPad. First try cleaning the socket. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to bring it to an Apple store so they can test it for you. Mine was faulty and had to be replaced.

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Thinking of upgrading. Could you recommend a MacBook and controller? Really appreciate your help. It must do your head in. Weird about the update tho, unless UK is later


  1. I’ve been DJing for over 15 years, and personally, I much prefer DJing on an iPad vs. a MacBook. In my experience, they are more stable, more affordable, and there’s less to go wrong with an iPad. Plus you have touchscreen controls in addition to your DJ hardware controls.
  2. I would, however, recommend that you pick up a high quality powered USB-C hub and, as much as possible, keep it connected to the iPad. This will lead to less wear and tear on the single iPad USB-C socket when you’re connecting and disconnecting your DJ gear.
  3. If you’re serious about DJing, I would try to dedicate you new iPad only to DJing if possible. Don’t install a bunch of extra apps and media that you don’t need for DJing. Keep the device as lean as possible to maximize performance and stability.
  4. As for DJ Hardware, I’m a big fan of Reloop products. IMHO they have the best integration with Algoriddim djay. Plus they have a good balance of price, performance and quality. I personally own the Mixon Pro 8 and the Ready. Plus I owned a Mixtour years ago. I’m really happy with them all and for different reasons and use them in different situations.

These are just my personal opinions based on years of experience. Anyway, I hope that helps!


It really does. Thanks so much @Slak_Jaw

You’re welcome @djqueenvic. Happy to help!

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Hey @Slak_Jaw can you give me the correct name for this cable. I don’t think it’s the one you mentioned above [quote=“Slak_Jaw, post:11, topic:24811”]
Chroma Cables from DJ TechTools

Is it usb C to usb A

@djqueenvic correct, that is USB-C to A

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