8 years later, no support for XDJ 1000 MK2 on Windows

I was really hype to see Algoriddm optimized for the new windows AI features. I have been wanting to switch to this software for a while so I decided to give it another try with my setup, but unfortunately they STILL don’t support the XDJ-1000 mk2. When I go to try to use the midi map configuration tool I’m left with a super frustrating blank screen with no controls popping up. Has anyone been able to get this controller to work? Algorridm, now that you have cool windows features do you mind supporting widely used hardware?


Hi @foe, thanks for sharing your interest in adding Windows support for this hardware. I have shared this with the dev team again. If other users could please upvote for this hardware that will help the team to gauge user demand for this hardware. Thanks!

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Thank you for the response Slak. With the new windows functionality you will be attracting a LOT more windows DJ’s. Supporting a wider range of hardware on windows should be a priority for your team.

I’m also sure there will be a decent amount of mac users migrating to windows for the new features.

I think it’s reasonable and in the best interest of your product to at least support the same hardware list that you support for Mac on windows.

You’re welcome @foe. Thanks for the additional feedback.

8 Years…this is old Hardware and it is (and was…) not a popular Pioneer Device. Why should Djay support this old Hardware now - it is waste of time? Btw it works with Midi, but you need to bring your Device in Midi USB Mode.

I do have my device in midi USB mode. The midi map utility comes up with a blank menu.

As far as why support the XDJ-1000? Generally speaking there are not many options for windows supported devices that have a mixed setup. I have a solid mixer (DJM900) with a mixed bag of synths and drum machines that I like to mix into my sets. The list that is supported by windows are mostly all in one DJ controllers. There are extremely limited options for those of us who just want to add a deck as a controller without breaking the bank. Unless I’m missing something here @djsepp please tell me.

DJAY doesnt HAVE to do anything, but if they want to increase their user base supporting a wider range of hardware is a good start. Until then i guess I’m stuck on Rekordbox.

Of course it is blank. But you can easy map the player. It takes about 30 minutes to do. Or you can use the nexus players - they are mapped. Djay supports a lot of hardware but some new are missing. But for old devices nobody will map it.


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