Add Neural Mix to Apple Music Streaming

I would love to see Neural mix feature available with Apple Music, it is one of the main edges of DJay Pro AI.

As much as I and everyone using Apple Music is agreeing with you, the limitation is with Apple Music themselves and not with Algoriddim,

Is there any type of negotiation to make it available in the near future? I believe it would be an amazing feature that would allow DJ Pro AI to fully function and could even help them sell Apple Vision, for example

If they did you will probably see a price increase as Tidal have done.
It used to be £10.99 but now they have introduced a DJ subscription which you have to pay if you want to use it in Djay. It includes stems and it’s £19.00 a month

Thanks for the suggestion @Alex_B. I’ve sent this to the dev team for consideration.

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there’s already one service providing stems, Tidal.
from all I’ve read it’s the next biggest competitor
why not use that??

Tell your Apple partner to do the same DJ option than TIDAL :slight_smile:

Apple Music DJ subscription that allow stems like Tidal DJ

and wake up : This 17/4/2024 : Rekordbox/Serato/Virtual DJ (in their latest updates) allow TIDAL stems with TIDAL DJ option and DJAY PRO still nothing.

And read lyrics .lrc TIDAL/APPLE MUSIC and local music in DJAY VIDEO mode



If you check the forum messages you will see that Algoriddim have updated DJay, but the delay is caused by the software stores.

Other companies provide downloads directly from their sites, but they only cater for PC and Mac.

@Olivier_Frappier please use search before creating new topics. I’ve merged your new suggestion with this existing one. You can cast your vote here. Thanks!

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