Add support for Denon Prime Go


Thanks for the reply on this issue. Obviously Denon is open to allowing DJ software developers to access their screen as Serato DJ uses it now. Is it whether Algoriddim wants to pay to license that access? Or maybe it’s just the programmer workload to do so?

Also, is it physically impossible (hardware wise) to use the Denon Prime GO as a midi controller for djay pro AI? Or is it something Denon has to do in the firmware of the Prime GO?

Thanks for any insights as to whether these newer standalone will also be able to fully control djay pro AI software which would be awesome for VJ artists like myself and my DJ’s.


Hi @Jason_Corbin,

I’ve moved your post over to this new topic thread so we can track user interest for Denon PRIME GO support with djay. We encourage other users to vote or comment here if they also would like to see this controller supported!

Regarding your question about screen support on Denon controllers, as I mentioned in the other thread about screen support, this is something our team is looking into for future developments. So please stay tuned! And thanks for your continued support and feedback to always help us improve our apps. :notes:


I’d definitely like to see support for the Prime Go as well. Ideally full support with the screen, but at least midi support like with the Prime 4.


I was just about to order the Denon prime go. So I am guessing the midi learn is only for djay pro software? I do have the pro software as a backup but mainly use the IOS version.

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Hi @Josh_Hartin,

Just wanted to clarify that the Denon Prime Go is not currently one of our natively supported controllers that work with djay via simple plug and play. However, we appreciate you voicing your support for this controller here as we track requests and votes for controllers that our Community wants to see supported in future developments.

You can find a full list of our natively supported controllers on our website here:

You also asked about the MIDI learn feature, which you could use to map any MIDI controller that is not currently natively supported on djay on your own. MIDI learn is available on djay for iOS and Mac with the PRO subscription. For more details about this feature, please visit our FAQ:

Hope this information is helpful for you. And please let us know if you have any other questions!

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Not possible - The Prime Go is specifically designed to not support MIDI, at least that’s what they told me when I asked about virtual DJing

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Hi @Timothy_Refile,

Many thanks for pointing this information out! :pray:

I’ve double-checked this with our technical team, and after a little investigating it appears you are indeed correct. Unfortunately, the Prime Go can’t be MIDI mapped in its current state. This would require a firmware update by Denon to enable MIDI support.

That said, we’ll keep an eye out for any changes that would allow for native support on our end, and keep this thread updated accordingly. Thanks for your understanding!


No Problem! Would be really Denon decided to open it up in a future update


Really nice i meant, lol (would not let me edit)

Today they did it! Thank you DENON DJ for allowing midi control of the Prime Go! At least it works now WITH THE SCREEN for Virtual DJ. So Algoriddim, does this mean that eventually DJay Pro AI will run plug and play with Prime Go and support the screen? Please!


Here’s hoping,That Prime Go is a nice little kit, I was looking at getting one before getting the Rane One but I wasn’t a fan of Prime software and not being compatible with Algoriddim was the deal breaker…
Might still pick on up as a backup if it get the support.

I used the Prime Go with the latest firmware on a gig the other day with DJAY. Worked fine. I had to map everything manually. Just can’t get the jog wheels perfect, but it works. Here’s hoping for a built in map that addresses it completely.

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Yes Ervic, I mapped mine as well but the screen and the jog wheels are not working. C’mon Algoriddim, help us out here. I’m on a 7 day trial with dejay pro AI once Denon gave out the update. With your support, I’ll have this licensed for life.


I doubt the screen will ever get to work like they did for Virtual DJ. Would be nice though and would be a something no other controller has for DJAY.

The jog wheels are on the top of my list. I did a gig with it the other day and was able to do basic stuff, but once the jog wheels are fully mapped correctly, it could be my new favorite compact controller.

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Yes they would support either this or the mixstresm, that would be great

Care to take one for the team and share said mapping file at all?:crossed_fingers:

I’ve literally been at the door of multiple CEX stores a foot away from selling off my Prime Go merely due to its (apparently intentional), lack of MIDI support/& subsequent incompatability with Algoriddim software.

FINALLY see some light at the end of a year long dark tunnel after the new update…

Now here’s for a long night of manual configuration… unless of course… :grimacing::melting_face::joy:

I’ve requesting support for the prime 2, fell on deaf ears, switched to virtual dj.

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Must be a reason behind this as it shouldn’t be difficult, specifically when denon allows midi control on new firmware

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Exactly!!! What is the Point of allowing a Learn Feature that can’t LEARN how to set the Jogs right. That’s like trying to sell a car that Runs Great BUT the only thing is that the Steering Wheel doesn’t work right.

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It works as long as you don’t touch the Jogs in ANY Way. That’s SO Frustrating having a Joint like the Prime Go and can’t use the Jogs for anything but Messing Up and Making Noise.