Add support for Denon Prime Go

Hi All, Thanks for your continued feedback about the Prime Go. Our Dev Team is aware of the latest firmware updates and is looking into what native support we might be able to add for djay. I’ll keep you posted with updates, so please stay tuned!


I just got the Prime Go and would love to be able to use it with DJay Pro. Any updates on this becoming available please?

Have there been any updates to this request for Denon GO support?

Thank you

Still waiting over a year now for Djay Pro AI to support Denon Prime hardware screens. I’ve already started transitioning all our DJ systems to Virtual DJ because of the awesome way it allows you to control everything in the software including the excellent Stems 2.0 right from the Denon Prime 4 & Go touchscreens. Even when I VJ I can see the video master, left, & right screens on the Denon Prime 4 and Prime Go screens. I can even shut the computer away in clamshell mode under the controller and control all features of the software from the touchscreens.

Not that I’m aware of although you can midi map the controls which some
have done but they comment that the jog wheels and screen are still not
able to map at all or correctly.


Anything updates on this highly requested feature for the Denon Prime Go. Please make it happen so I can purchase DJAY Pro, this is the only thing keeping me from purchasing.