Add support for Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 + DJM-A9 using PRO DJ LINK

CDJ-3000 and DJM-A9 are connected by PRO DJ LINK, but djay pro AI is not recognized on CDJ-3000 screen even if my Mac is connected to DJM-A9 by USB as in the post on the topic below.
Of course CDJ-3000 + DJM-900nxs2 using PRO DJ LINK work fine.
Is it because djay doesn’t support DJM-A9?
If so please support DJM-A9.

@Akifumi_Konishi the Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 is not on the list of supported hardware for djay Pro AI on MacOS.

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These are the currently supported Pioneer DJM mixers for MacOS


I vaguely understood that djay pro AI doesn’t support DJM-A9, so can’t use CDJ-3000 with PRO DJ LINK using one USB cable.
DJM-A9 is increasing in place of DJM-900nxs2 recently.
Algoriddim please support DJM-A9 at djay pro AI as soon as possible.

Please support for Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 as soon as.
Recently, the combination of CDJ-3000 and DJM-A9 has become the main choice.
I was able to use Pro DJ Link with CDJ-2000NSX2 and DJM-900NXS2, but I cannot use it with CDJ-3000 and DJM-A9, which is not cool.


Hi @Akifumi_Konishi, thanks for your interest in adding support for this hardware. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. In the meantime, please use the blue Vote button at the top left of this page so we can gauge user demand for this hardware. Thanks!

Dear dev team,

it would me much appreciated and important to support the DJM A9 mixer. Not all users and DJs who are using the A9 and starting to use DJay Pro AI are on this forum. I only joined because I talked to some people who are using club standard gear like the A9 and would like to use it with DJay Pro.

You have by far the best stem separation and I would love to use this feature with the EQ knobs of the A9. I played around on my Reloop Buddy with that feature and it is amazing!

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Hi @PRS and @Akifumi_Konishi,

The Pioneer DJM-A9 is officially supported on macOS. However, please note that PRO DJ LINK Bridge for connecting CDJs is not supported. Thanks.

Hi @Slak_Jaw ,

I already know that the Pioneer DJM-A9 is officially supported as an audio interface on macOS, and I actually use it.
Again, I want support for PRO DJ LINK Bridge connect CDJs when use CDJ-3000 and DJM-A9.

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Yes, it is recognized as audio interface and I see it shows up as external mixer as soon as I connect it via USB to my MacBook.

The problem is till now it is impossible to midi map the DJM-A9. That means not even a fader is recognized, or any other function it simply works as an audio output device yet.

I can’t use any FX features or use i.e. the DJM-A9 EQ knobs as stem separation because I can’t Midi map them nor is the A9 recognized as a Mixer.

Is there any chance to fix that or prioritize at the dev team?

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I created a new topic because topic I previously posted was closed.

Please support for PRO DJ LINK Bridge for connecting CDJ-3000 to DJM-A9.
djay pro has realized it with DJM-900nxs2, and VirtualDJ is realized it not only with 900nxs2 but also with DJM-A9, so I think it is technically possible.

In addition, If djay pro support it that DJM-A9 connects CDJ-3000 via PRO DJ LINK, I hope that djay pro for iOS and iPadOS can also be used with CDJ-3000.

Hi @Akifumi_Konishi, I’ve reopened this topic. In the future, you can DM me to reopen topics that have closed automatically due to inactivity. Thanks!

so , for the moment A9 is not supported ? we have 2 cdj3000+ a9 mixer .

Hi @Mauri_Moore, the A9 is supported, however PRO DJ LINK with the A9 and CDJ-3000s is not supported.

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I know , but 2 cables for the moment :wink:

Hi @Slak_Jaw, as you mentioned above, A9 is supported, but on both platform iOS and mac or only on mac?

Hi @DJ-Z, both. See below:

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@Slak_Jaw so appreciated that, I swear before my post I have checked those link you shared, but I din’t saw A9 in the supported list. I’m blind. So any way I have one more question, as I read above A9 not midi mappable, true or not? Have you any info about that. Also, some one here has some experience about EQ knob mapped to NeauralFX but doesn’t work, still work as normal EQ.