Add support for Traktor Kontrol Z2

Hello there,
Is still no support for Traktor Z2 in iOS? I mapped well on Mac in the 7days trial but I had no chance to try on mobile system.

Hi @Robert_Voller,

I’ve moved your post to a new thread so we can more easily track this request. The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is not yet natively supported, but we appreciate your feedback about this. I’ll keep this thread updated with any news of future developments.

In addition, if other users also want to see support for this added to djay, please vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our Community.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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z2 is not recognized as a midi controller under ios because of Native Instruments.

Is because of the NI Controller Editor app? Do you have any experience with Mixers Duo? That’s I looking for a potential replacement. The library management is a key for me.

Please vote on the topic. I still hope for the official support.

Please add support for the Z2 :pray::pray::pray::sob:

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