Add the ability to scroll track names in playlists, search results and for the loaded track

This has bugged me for years now, so I thought it was time to post it.

When searching for a track, looking through your playlists, or after a track has been loaded, it only displays so many characters and does not scroll the text. It’s particularly annoying when you’re scrolling through search results or your playlists where you may have different versions of the track, so you’re not able to easily see which is the right version/remix of the track to select, particularity with the different variations users label tracks, e.g. it might look something like this:

Track name here…
Track name here…
Track name here…

Where each one is a different remix, but you can’t tell which is the one you want, unless you happen to know the track length and/or BPM, as they’re the only unique identifiers under this circumstance.

An option to scroll the text would help, but could be annoying if it is was doing this all the time for all songs that meet the requirements, so how about making the track names scroll left and right using a finger swiping action to be able to read the entire track name.

Oh yes please, so easy and sugested so long by now… even in djay 2 already! Please make this happen!

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Thank you guys for pointing that out. I pushed the topic internally and it would be great if you and other users can upvote the topic as well.