Add visual indicator for selected deck


I have assigned ⇥ (tab) to toggle selected desk (and spacebar to play/pause selected desk), but I cannot see the visual indicator for whish is the actuel selected desk.

Is there anything I’m missing? (djay 4.0.5)

There’s an old topic about this but no workaround.


Hi @Didjo,

Glad to see you in the community again!

When you say “assigned” do you mean in the form of keyboard shortcuts?

Additionally, are you asking if there is or should be some sort of visual indicator around the active/selected deck such as a highlighted/halo ring around said deck? Talk soon!


Yeah absolutely: I setup tab to switch the selected Deck but there is no way to visually see the selected Deck in the UI.
Your staff confirmed this via support email (thanks Lukas!), explaining that usually controllers display the selected deck on the controller itself.

Still, I’d definitely suggest there should be a visual indicator in the UI, that would make this desk selection feature actualy usable :relieved:


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Over the years I’ve used a few controllers and none of them had any form of indicator to show the selected deck, so I’m not convinced by that claim.

A small lit frame around the current selected deck would be ideal.

We had a conversation with someone recently who was convinced that the Match function wasn’t working. His problem was he was trying to match to the wrong deck, the only way we had of resolving his problem was to ensure the crossfader was all the way over to the current deck.

This issue could have been helped by a visual indicator on screen.

So, definitely put me down for this bit of usefulness to make its way to the main program please.


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Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing that additional feedback.

It has since been passed along for future consideration.

Have a nice day!

Yeah. Sometimes ‘AI’ isn’t the best solution.